A Radio On-Hold? You might want to rethink that!

Many businesses recognize the value of having something other than silence for their callers to hear when they are placed on hold. Some opt to play a radio on hold. More often than not it's tuned incorrectly which results in static or a fading signal which to say the least is annoying and does not acheive the desired goal of keeping callers holding until their call can be handled. Even if the radio station signal is crystal clear you might get more than you bargin for if that station happens to play a commercial for your competition. The no-brainer solution is a Custom On-Hold Marketing message.

Think about it. You have, holding on your phone, a caller that already has an interest in business/practice or your services, why would you not use that otherwise wasted time to tell him or her more about you?

With Studio Productions On-Hold Marketing is Fast, Easy, Affordable and eliminates all of the problems associated with silence or playing a radio to your waiting callers. Contact me today and let me give you a 60 Day, Complimentary, No Obligation Trail of our Custom On-Hold Marketing service. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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